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Our equine insurance coverage provides comprehensive protection whether you’re a personal owner or running a commercial business. We are here for all your insurance needs.



Full Mortality Insurance

All Risk Full Mortality Insurance provides coverage against all risks of death, including destruction to relieve inhumane suffering. This coverage applies to horses located anywhere in the United States and Canada. These polices can be amended to include international transit and territory extension for overseas coverage.

Automatic Fall of The Hammer Coverage

There are many hazards that can endanger your horse between the fall of the hammer at public auction and its safe arrival at its final destination. Representatives of Jerry Parks Equine Insurance have attended major thoroughbred auctions throughout the United States for many years. We encourage thoroughbred owners to arrange for ‘fall of the hammer’ coverage prior to attending sales. This fall of the hammer coverage can be arranged by simply notifying our office prior to the sale.

Barrenness and Prospective Foal

When purchasing a no-guarantee season, protect your investment. Our barrenness policy will guarantee that your mare will conceive and deliver a single, live foal. Prospective foal coverage is available for mares that have been determined to be in foal, and will guarantee that she will deliver a single, live foal.

Stallion Infertility

We have available a mortality-fertility package on first-year stallions entering the breeding shed. The package includes full mortality, accident, sickness and disease infertility, and 60% congenital infertility. Full mortality and accident, sickness and disease infertility insurance are also available for share owners of any syndicated stallion.

Restricted Perils

These policies, written at a lower premium rate than full mortality, cover losses from fewer exposures such as fire, lightning, collision in transit and windstorm/tornado. They can be broadened to include additional perils such as attack by wild animals, drowning, electrocution, collapse of building, etc. to a policy covering death or destruction due to any type of external and/or visible accident.

Major Medical, Surgical and Loss of Use

Many of our insurers offer medical coverage, both surgical and major medical, to protect you against the high cost of surgery and veterinarian expense. Loss of Use insurance protects you against the risk of a condition which renders your horse permanently incapable of fulfilling its function or use as a direct result of an accident, illness or disease. Each plan differs slightly and we would be happy to discuss them with you at your request.

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